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Owing to the circumstances in the annoucement below this website is now dormant. Should any group of Barnet FC Supporters succeed in restarting the Trust and wish to make use of this website please contact Derek Rocholl at

Included in the Notice of the AGM on 25 February sent out recently we

advised that The Trust's current Directors would not be standing for

re-election at the AGM and therefore a new Board would need to be

elected for the Trust to continue. Supporters had until 29th January

2015 to put themselves forward to stand for election.


Unfortunately no one has come forward and therefore the Trust will

become dormant by default.


I have spoken to Supporters Direct (who oversee all Supporters' Trusts)

who confirmed that it is very difficult to dissolve (wind-up) a Trust

(not least the requirement to get at least 166 out of the 221 members to

physically sign a dissolution form). Furthermore a dissolved Trust could

not be re-opened in the future. Therefore the current Board will not be

proposing that the Trust be dissolved.


So as at 25 February the Trust will become dormant by default but remain

a legal entity should anyone wish to take over in the future. The

remaining funds will remain in the Trust account and be used to retain

the Trust's legal status by continuing with FCA and SD registrations and

payment of fees for the official business address. Correspondence with

HMRC will also be dealt with (joy).


The Trust no longer operating will not impact on the Back 2 Barnet

Campaign which will continue as a stand alone campaign with its own bank

account and website at


I will send out the AGM papers, including the report and accounts, next



In the meantime if you have any questions please contact me at


Many thanks,


Neil Staff.